About Us

Vibgyor Gems is one of the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Precious, Semi-precious and synthetic stones specializing in exotic colors like Pink Tourmaline, Kunzite, Spessartite Garnet, Mandarin Garnet, Blue zircon, Brown Zircon and much more !!

We cut them in all calibrated shapes and sizes and fancy cuts like Cushion checkerboard, Princess cut, Cabochon checkerboard, Briolette, Frosted checkerboard.All our stones are precision-cut with uniform height and weight. A perfect table and facet brings out the best in the stone.

All our stones are processed in our own lapidary located in the heart of Bangkok city (Soi 78 Charoenkrung road). We Employ over 50 highly skilled workers and we have one of the latest machinery to cut and polish most difficult fancy shapes and sizes. Our focus is on Quality and Consistency.

To cater to the needs of demanding jewelry manufacturers, we supply our stones in matched color. They are matched within the specified color range. We also provide sets at no additional charge thus saving valuable time and money.

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